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All our courses are designed to make you a better speaker of English Language. Watch this video: English is NOT a mission impossible!


Offers you a truly wide choice of more than a dozen diffrent courses

Over the years we have come to realize that - 'One size doesn’t fit all'. So our in house experts have spent years before they finally came up with a variety of world class English language programs which were designed to suite people from all walks of life.


Our popular Spoken English courses like Nuts 'n' Bolts, Quick 'n' Flash & Verbal 'n' Non-verbal are the everyday feature that is much preferred by the majority of students who are at the beginner level as they enthusiastically attend classes on weekdays. For those who cannot possibly come to learn to speak better English during their busy weekdays, mostly the working professionals,  ENG-KING has a special weekend Spoken English & PD class i.e. on Saturday & Sunday in which the trainers impart the knowledge to students which would last them for the entire next week. Last year, we've started the much in demand Online Classes and it is becoming increasingly popular among the students who avail themselves the above mentioned courses from the comfort of their homes. This is our pattern in a nut shell.  

English King has dozens of diffrent courses. Here are some of our most popular classroom courses.
Nuts 'n' Bolts of English  |  Duration: 24 Hours (One Month)


This course is speacially designed for those people who are facing problems in basic sentences & simple grammar concepts. Nuts 'n' Bolts of English is all about basic Spoken English Language.


The Student is expected to atleast read & understand simple text in English if he/she wishes to start learning Spoken English Skills by joining this class which is an everyday feature.Each Session of this one month course is of 60 minutes.

Quick 'n' Flash  |  Duration: 36 Hours (One Month)

This course is desinged for those people who can read & understand English but they face problem at the time of speaking due to grammar, words etc. 


This course in combination with the above stated basic level is enough for those students who are looking forward to speaking atleast a rudimentry English in day to day life. Each session is of 90 minutes & classes are on weekdays. This course too lasts for one full month. 


Verbal 'n' Non-Verbal  |  Duration: 36 Hours (One Month)


This course is speacially designed for those people who are facing problem in there verbal or non verbal communication as the course is full of activities like GD, presentations, extempore, public speaking, role plays  & active listening.Each session is of 90 minutes & classes are on weekdays. This course too lasts for one full month. 

Grooming 'n' Demeanour  |  Duration: 20 Hours (One Month)


This course is all about persons over all personality. One learns here How to act confidently, principles of public speaking, social etiquettes & mannerism, proper conduct during the interviews, meetings, social gatherings etc. The sessions are held on weekends each lasting for 120minutes i.e. two hours.

Quick 'n' Fix      |    Duration:  As per the requirement

This is a customized program specifically designed for those who would like to focus on specific aspect where they lack the requisite communication skills. The student is encouraged to talk & be forthright about his/her weaknesses regarding English Language or other fields.

Write like a Pro: Technical / Non-Technical writing


This is all about technical/non-technical writing skills. The participant under the guidance of his/her personal trainer learns the abc of précis, summary, synopsis, reports even email writing etc. The duration depends upon the participant's own requirement.

IELTS/TOEFL     | Duration: 30 Hours (One Month)


As the name suggests, this course prepares a student throughly so that he/she would be able to appear these renowned international exams & get good grades.

Communication Skills Enhancement Program (Two Month)
This special program we've launched for all our new centers. This program is the combination of Quick 'n' Flash & Verbal 'n' Non-Verbal
English King Language Club (ELC)      | Every Sunday or Saturday


Avid English Language enthusiasts can join this unique feature to develop & further enhance their communication skills by remaining in touch with the language.

EngKing Practocourse    

Practocourse is new arrival, this course is specially designed for wannabe Entrepreneur, This extensive 1.5 Month program is all about great communication with entrepreneur skills, in this program we'll help students to become entrepreneur. We'll also help students to pitch their ideas & how to execute it. For more details about practocourse feel free to call Mr.Rahul (Funded Entrepreneur)  - 9970802436. 

ENG-KING Exclusive!


...Are you aspiring to be a

Novelist Writer, Screenplay writer, Public Speaker or an Actor?...

...Perhaps we can help!


Here is how:

Send us an email clearly mentioning your field of interest as to what profession you are looking to pursue, i.e. you wish to write a full length novel, an anthology, a drama or aspire to be a public speaker, a stage actor whatever! We'll get back to you in a flash. We can even arrange a meeting with some of our own experts in your chosen field. All you've to do is sit back & listen to the best professional tips from the hourses' mouth! 



Confidence Building

The Elements of a Successful Image

Pronunciation / Diction / Enunciation

Speaking Right

Body Language

Behavioural Sensitivity

Public Speaking and Managing Stage Fright

Communication Skills

The Art of Listening

Relevant Conversational skill

Vocal Projection & Impromptu Speaking

Business Etiquette and Inter-personal skills Telephone Etiquette

The Art of Fine Dining / Dining Etiquette

Social Graces / Corporate Etiquette

Deportment, Dress Sense and Dress Codes

Body Language


Successful Meetings

Grooming and Demeanour

Problem-Solving techniques

Proper E-mail and Telephone Etiquette

Presentation Skills

Positive Thinking

Conflict Management

Group Discussions


Voice Modulation

Goal Setting

Impression Management / Personal Branding

Extempore Speaking

Time Management


Emotional intelligence

Attitude Building

Team building

Character Building and Morals

Interpersonal Relationships

Motivation & Influencing Others...

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