This exclusive long term program is designed to learn and master most elaborate techniques that will enable the participant fulfil his ultimate dream of becoming a professional public orator.



Following, however, are the principal guide lines to which a participant has to strictly adhere to, as much as possible during the course of time of the entire training program.



  • There will be two sessions in a week, on weekends, each lasting three hours. Time for these sessions could be agreed upon mutually & prior to each session.

  • A lesson-plan of this complete program will be handed over to you in advance. The idea is to provoke your own thought process with regards to the subjects you will be shortly coming across. You are rather encouraged to quench all your questions, nagging doubts if any.

  • During each session, once your trainer is done with his short lecture, you will be given an opportunity to present your thoughts, verbally or in writing. The subject for your presentation might be of your own choice or be suggested by the mentor.

  • At the end of each session, the mentor will give you his detailed opinion, his hands-on analysis of your performance. An exhaustive discussion is rather expected so as to rectify any errors on your part that should have been avoided by you in actual practice in your day to day life.

  • One world-class e-book reading software will also be provided to you so that you can install it on your lap-top computer.  Your mentor will also give you a number of best e-books related to the present subject you are currently learning. You are expected to read them as a part of home-work or as your daily reading regimen.

  • Your mentor will practically teach you everything under the sun as long as it helps you achieve your GOAL of becoming a word-class speaker on your chosen subject. That said, however you are welcome to come up with any other topic, or topics, which in your view might prove helpful for giving yourself an edge as a professional speaker.

  • You are required to pay a monthly fee at the beginning.  Undue absence is an evidence of lack of interest on your part and will be counted as monetarily chargeable.

  • This pre-paid training session will be of six months more or less, after the successful completion of which, your mentor will walk you through the next level i.e. writing a book! This feature is not mandatory though.

  • This treatise-writing course will last for another two months and will be free of cost whatsoever.


So, these are the first few steps (T&C) you are expected to follow.  Once you are ready, the rest lies with your mentor whose job is to bring upon a complete ‘kayakalp’ of yours in a matter of SIX calendar Months!!!




Becoming a Public-speaker:



First, look the part!


So you’ve been dreaming of pursuing a truly fulfilling career of a coach, a trainer or a public speaker. No doubt, you do already posses considerably good interpersonal communication skills, and of course, some exposure to public-speaking also. Agreed that your command of language is above average and so is your grasp of various subjects with which you want to dazzle your audience. But my friend, is that all? What I mean to say is – alright! Your class full of pupils will know that you are a wonderful trainer once you stand and start talking before them. Indeed they will! But my point is: How they will ever recognize your talent or your profession in case you are suffering from a sour throat, and let’s just assume, are not in a position to say a single world in front of your eager audience!  This ability of a person, or a product, to communicate his- or its- intrinsic value to others without even uttering a word about self is called IMPUTING. In other words, before flexing your vocal-muscles, you must learn to look like an effective public-speaker.  Don’t hurry announcing your entry to the world, let them notice your inner-ability the moment they see you!

How? : There isn’t one size that fits all! Your mentor and you together are the best judge of how you must first instil the outer-personality aspects that suit best for your ultimate purpose. However, you can start cultivating some universally appealing traits of personality like: Great etiquette & mannerism, good personal hygiene, impeccable grooming, voice & accent training, appropriate body language et al. In this session, your mentor will provide you world-class books & training material on each and every subject. Every aspect of your outward persona is intricately, exhaustively discussed by world-renowned experts. You can vastly benefit from reading their treatises or audio books. Remember one fundamental truth before you venture further on your path towards becoming a world-class trainer: from now onwards you are expected to read, or listen to, for at least two hours every day and keep doing it for the next three years-that’s minimum! In case you find it impossible, be assured that becoming a great trainer is not your cup of tea!  Good news is, your mentor has already read all those books before recommending them to you. So attend his one-to-one weekend sessions and you will get a fair idea or two before reading any particular book first.  Another advantage of such sessions is- you can ask him to explain a part, or parts, you didn’t understand while reading it all by yourself. Like everything else, ‘looking the part’ needs a lot of home work.



Secondly, act the part!


This session deals with, what we like to call, ‘internalising’ what you’ve learned so far by reading, listening to, and also from your own mentor. Cultivating new habits, personality traits or different ways of thinking is not an easy, or instantaneous, job. Three golden rules to develop a new skill-set are:  practice, practice & practice. But worry not my friend!  Once you read or hear something that truly grabs, absorbs & fascinates you, your sub-conscious mind will constantly motivate you to adopt it in your day to day life.  Besides, your mentor will give you more than handy tips and by practicing those tips actively, you can actually develop your personality for better. Remember, ‘acting the part’ is mostly something you need to do by yourself, with yourself and there are no excuses or short cuts to that! But then, Rome-or nothing great-was ever built in a day!




Third, and the last thing, be the part!


This is the most gratifying part as far as becoming a world-class trainer is concerned.  First you learn to impute all great qualities for the world to see; next, you internalize those sparkling qualities. And finally those qualities become you. The path has never been easy, but it’s definitely worth walking upon especially if becoming a Great Motivator is your burning desire indeed. Whatever you’ve read, heard, learnt & assimilated so far is going to change the way you think, the way you behave, the way you are. Once that happens you can safely assume you have crossed the first landmark towards achieving your final goal. You are a newer person than what you always were in the past. By now, you are bubbling with enough ideas to keep your audiences asking for even more.  And soon you will, provided you keep learning and doing your homework diligently. From here your mentor will make slight changes in the types of books he had been giving you for your daily reading. Here on, he might ask you to stop reading non-fiction books altogether and start giving you a hefty book-load of fiction instead. He might suggest you movies for your leisure-time watching. He might want you to write what you truly feel. Do it. You will benefit greatly. You will grow by leaps and bounds. And of course, you are now ready to change people’s lives by the power of your spoken word. You are now the trainer par excellence. So go forth and change the world!


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